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Man reportedly faked his death to avoid sexual assault charges

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Investigators are reporting that a man who was facing sexual assault charges was found alive and living in another country after faking his death.

Nicholas Rossi was located in Scotland this month.

Police say Rossi who also goes by Nicholas Alahverdian and Nicholas Alahverdian Rossi is wanted for an attack in 2008 in Utah and another attack in Ohio in 2018.

Instead of facing prosecution, Rossi fled the country and “attempted to lead investigators and state legislators in other states to believe that he was deceased,” according to a statement by Utah prosecutors.

According to several news outlets, it was said the Rossi reportedly died on Feb. 29th of 2020 from non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Authorities say they only located Rossi alive because he sought medical treatment after contracting COVID-19.

“Mr. Rossi was discovered to be living under an assumed name in Scotland,” the Utah County Attorney’s Office said. “He has been taken into custody and the Utah County Attorney’s Office is working with federal and international agencies to extradite Mr. Rossi back to Utah. ”

Authorities in Glasgow are now keeping a close watch on Rossi until he can be extradited back to Utah.