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Man Pumps 30 Gallons of Fuel into Wrong Hole on Boat

A Florida hazmat team had to be called out Monday after a boat owner got his holes confused.

The unidentified Orlando resident was attempting to refuel his 18-foot boat at a 7-11 when he apparently mistook the vessel’s fishing pole holder for the gas tank, according to officials with Orange County Fire Rescue. So instead of filling the tank, the man pumped more than 30 gallons of fuel directly into his boat’s cockpit. After discovering his mistake, he made the situation even more volatile by putting another $40 worth of gas into the gas tank, Fire Rescue officials say.

The hazmat team siphoned most of the gas out of the boat and sent the man on his way. There’s no word on whether he went on his planned boating trip.

The hazmat team may have removed the gasoline, but how long do you think it will take for the odor to go away? What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done at a gas station?