Man Proposes to Wife Again After Finding Wedding Ring in Their Home’s Rubble

In this photo provided by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department resident Ishu Rao on one knee, places this wife's wedding ring on her finger, next to the charred remains of their home in Goleta, Calif., Sunday, July 8, 2018. The California couple who lost their home in a wildfire made a new happy memory amid the ashes when they found what was left of Laura Rao's wedding ring. Ishu and Laura Rao returned to the rubble of their home of three years on Sunday, to look for her Tiffany ring. They searched with the help of some firefighters in the area and Ishu Rao made the find, prompting him to get down on one knee and again propose to his bride. (Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department via AP)

You could call it a love story that emerged from the ashes when a California man proposed to his wife for the second time after losing their home in the Holiday fire.
Ishu Rao and his wife, Laura Rao, found the damaged ring Friday night as they were digging through the ruins of the home.
While the fire was engulfing their home, Laura remembered she left her wedding ring in a bowl above the bathroom sink.
She asked her husband if she should go back in and rescue it. He said, “No” save yourself you are more important.
After the fire, Ishu went back into the ashes and found the ring, actually, just the charred band the diamonds were gone.
According to the local fire department, after they found it, Ishu Rao “promptly dropped to a knee” and asked his wife to marry him again.
A fire fighter snapped the endearing photo.



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