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Man pretends to be ride share service driver and sexually assaults woman


KEY WEST, FL– The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man who reportedly exposed himself to, and touched a woman against her will. 

The incident was reported on Thursday just before 1:00 a.m. on the 200 block of Duval Street. 

The victim says she had been drinking and used the company’s app for the first time to get a ride. 

Authorities say the suspect, 32-year-old Enmanuel Noslen Teixeira of Stock Island, noticed the woman waiting and pretended to work for a ride-share company. 

Once Teixeira had the victim in his vehicle, he exposed himself and repeatedly asked the woman to touch him. The victim refused and Teixeira responded by attempting to pull the victim’s dress up. 

He was said to have also grabbed the woman by the wrist and placed his hands on the woman’s legs. 

The victim told authorities that Teixeira refused to let her out of the vehicle but eventually dropped her off at her home. 

Teixeira reportedly had a rideshare logo on his vehicle, however, an investigation revealed that he does not work for the company. 

He has been charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, battery, and indecent exposure.