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Man murdered parents after they discovered he lied about job

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(Dane County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

A man is now facing charges after he allegedly killed and dismembered his parents because they discovered his lies about having a job.

23-year-old Chandler Halderson was on trial for the murders of  Bart Halderson, and Krista Halderson.

According to the report, Chandler who lived in his parent’s home, lied to his parents about working remotely for an insurance company while finishing a few online college courses.  Chandler actually spent his day playing video games with his friends, however.

To cover up his lie, he would get up early to attend “online meetings” so that his father who was also working from home due to the pandemic would not suspect the lie.

He also forged emails and staged phone calls between his father and his College to further his lies.

When his father asked about why Chandler was not getting paid by job and therefore could not afford rent, Chandler told his father it was an HR issue and then forged emails between himself and “HR” to show his father.

As Chandler’s father continued to ask questions about Chandler’s income, Chandler then alleged that he had just been hired by SpaceX and that he would be moving to Florida to take the job in the summer of 2021.

When the date came up, however, Chandler faked a head injury which prevented him from moving to Florida.

Eventually Bart became concerned about his son’s situation and began looking into it.  He then contacted the college that his son supposedly attended and learned that his son actually failed his classes during the first semester and had not been attending classes since.

When Bart confronted Chandler about his lies, Chandler reportedly fatally shot him in the home. He then waited until his mother came home and fatally shot her.

Chandler then reportedly dismembered the bodies and attempted to burn them in his family’s fire place. When that didn’t work, he then scattered their remains all around Southern Wisconsin including on his girlfriend’s family farm.

He then reported his parents missing a week later.

Investigators later discovered that Chandler was most like responsible for the deaths after finding remains in the fire place, and in several areas that Chandler was said to have been spotted in the week before he reported his parents missing.

He is now facing charges of mutilating a corpse, hiding a corpse, and providing false information about a missing person.

Chandler has pleaded not guilty to all charges.