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Man leaves candy and food on woman’s doorstep in an effort to kidnap her

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Officials in Tulsa, Oklahoma have arrested a man who allegedly stalked a woman and left various gifts at her door in an effort to kidnap her.

Justin Arthur-Ray Davis was arrested Friday after an armed police chase.

According to reports, the victim initially filed an order of protection against Davis after the former co-worker began showing up to her apartment and waiting outside.

The victim told police that for over a month, Davis would leave food and candy outside of her apartment and even confronted her and her husband.

On Friday, the victim says her husband was walking her to her car when they noticed Davis sitting in his car in the parking lot. The woman and her husband then attempted to run back to their apartment but Davis chased after them and used a shotgun to shoot through the couple’s door. The husband was struck in the hand by the bullet.

Davis then entered the apartment and dragged the woman out. Witnesses say Davis repeatedly choked and struck the woman while dragging her down the stairs.

The woman’s husband chased after them, however, Davis threatened to shoot the woman’s husband again if she did not get into the truck with him.

He then fired two warning shots in the air.

During the incident, a neighbor called the police.

Authorities arrived which allowed the woman to escape Davis.

Davis then jumped into his vehicle and sped away from the scene.

Authorities pursued Davis as he sped down the interstate. At some point during the chase, Davis attempted to exit onto a side street but instead struck a pole. Davis was taken to an area hospital for treatment for head injuries sustained during the crash.

He has since been booked into the Tulsa County Jail on multiple charges, including eluding police, first degree burglary, kidnapping, stalking and more.