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Man kills roommate who complained about him being loud

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(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

A 59-year-old man who was just released from prison is back behind bars after he killed his roommate who complained about him.
The incident occurred on May 12 in a transitional house in Kent, Washington.
Authorities say they were called to the scene at 11:45 p.m. after an altercation between the suspect Phillip A. Frazier and his roommate 0-year-old David Jones.
When authorities arrived at the scene, they found a witness performing CPR on Jones and took over. Despite their efforts, Jones died at the scene.
Frazier told investigators that Jones liked to go to bed early and often complained about Frazier making noise.
That night, the two got into an altercation after Jones confronted Frazier about watching Netflix on his phone and eating candy loudly.
Frazier admitted to grabbing Jones and throwing him to the ground and continuing to attack him.
Frazier, who is a former boxer says he struck Jones until he heard a crushing sound, which he assumed was “brain damage.”
Investigators say Frazier was fully aware of what he was doing and even confessed he believed he killed Jones.
Frazier has been taken back into custody with a $4 million bail.