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Man kills ex-girlfriend’s husband after trying repeatedly to get back with her

police Black and white close-up of silver handcuffs

Police in Fairfax County, Virginia are reporting that they have arrested a man who reportedly shot and killed his ex-wife’s husband because he wanted to get back with her. 

The incident occurred inside of the victim’s home on June 24th. 

Officials say they received a phone call from a concerned neighbor after the neighbor heard several gunshots. 

 When authorities arrived, they found 33-year-old Gret Glyer, the founder of the non-profit company DonorSee, shot dead in his bed. 

Investigators say Joshua Danehower who is an ex-boyfriend of Glyer’s wife, broke into the couple’s home while they were sleeping and shot Glyer 10 times. 

Officials say Glyer’s wife was in bed with him when the incident occurred. 

Investigators were able to track Danehower to the Dulles International Airport Tuesday night and took him into custody. Authorities reported that he works at the airport with FedEx.  

“After the bail hearing the def. asked ‘can I order a pizza.’ He was not taking the situation seriously in the slightest.”

Danehower is being held at the Fairfax Adult Detention Center without bond.

Officials say Danehower tried repeatedly to get back with his ex before the shooting occurred.