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Man kills adoptive mom because the “holy spirit” told him to

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (87)
The Washington County Sheriff’s Office

A 34-year-old man has been arrested after he reportedly killed his adoptive mother and then set fire to her home.

The incident was reported on November 5th at a residence in New Matamoras, near the state’s border with West Virginia.

Authorities say they were called to the area due to a fire at a home. When they arrived, they found the homeowner’s sister Stephanie Williams, outside of the home.

The sister told authorities that when she arrived to the home, she encountered her sister’s adopted son Lionel Gore, covered in blood. When she spoke to him, Gore told her to “get out of the way or I’ll kill you next.”

The sister told police that she attempted to get into the house but could not because Gore had set fire to the home.

A 6-year-old child was also at the scene. The child told authorities that he witnessed the suspect “sawing at” his aunt’s neck with a knife and when he had trouble with that knife, he returned with a bigger knife and continued the deed. The child then said that the suspect set the house on fire which forced the six-year-old to crawl out of the home.

Authorities eventually located Gore and were forced to pursue him in a car chase. They were eventually able to take Gore into custody after he struck two police cars.

Gore told police “I cut her head off and set her on fire,” because the Holy Spirit told him that she was the devil.

Gore was taken into custody on charges related to the car chase and faces charges in regards to the murder of his adoptive mother.