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Man jumps to his death after mental health ER visit

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(AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

Officials in Rochester, New York are reporting that a man has died, after he jumped from a bridge following his release from an ER.

The incident occurred last Wednesday on Rochester’s Veterans Memorial bridge.

Authorities say the victim identified as Chris, was admitted to an area hospital under a mental hygiene arrest.

When the victim was eventually released, he was then dropped off to his apartment via a medical cab. Neighbors noted that the victim was seen getting out of the cab with his street clothing in a plastic bag and his discharge papers in hand.

About half an hour after Chris was taken home, authorities received a call concerning a man who jumped from the Memorial bridge.

“We also might have someone who jumped off the Veterans Bridge,” dispatch said. “We spoke to the caller on the vets bridge and she says she watched the guy jump.”

While it is still unclear how authorities identified to victim, witnesses say he was still wearing his hospital clothes when he jumped.

Authorities are still searching for his body in the Genesee River.