Man in Jail for Attempted Murder Tries to Hire Inmate to Finished the Job

Alachua County Jail via CBS12

A Florida man who is already in jail for attempted murder reportedly tried to hire a fellow inmate to finish the job.
According to investigators with the Alachua County Sheriffs office 62-year-old Michael Reuschel of Gainesville who was already facing charges for the attempted murder of his ex-wife in February recruited and plotted with an inmate 33-year-old Roderick Jermaine McCullum to finish the job in June.
Investigators say Reuschel contacted the inmate and requested the murder to look like a crime gone awry, and gave the informant a list of names, phone numbers, and address of people outside of the jail who would help the inmate complete the murder.
Reuchel was also said to have given the informant “care packages” in jail as advanced payment for the deed and promised more than $100,000 once the deed was completed.
Reuchel is now facing criminal attempt to solicit and conspire on a capital felony charges in addition to his attempted murder charge and is being held on a $1 million bond. McCullum was arrested Thursday and is facing conspiracy to commit murder charges.





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