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Man hides dagger in shoe while going through security checkpoint

Volusia Sheriff's department
Volusia Sheriff’s department

DELAND, FL– A 26-year-old man has been arrested after he attempted to conceal a dagger in one of his shoes while going through a security checkpoint.
The incident was reported Friday morning in the security screening area of the Volusia County Courthouse.
Authorities say Austin W. Irvine placed his belongings in a bin and walked through the magnetometer.
The magnetometer alert authorities to a metal object on Irvine’s person.
Officials made Irvine walk through the machine again, and when it went off for a second time, authorities asked Irvine to remove his shoes.
The shoes were placed in a bin and sent through the X-ray machine, and that was when authorities discovered a large knife hidden in the sole of Irvine’s right shoe.
Irvine told deputies that he was unsure how the dagger got into the shoe and at one point claimed the shoes weren’t his.
He was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon into a courthouse.