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Man helps rescue child from abusive adult

Walmart Thanksgiving
(AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)


The situation unfolded at the Walmart in Warner Robins earlier this week.

Kelcey Willis told reporters that while he was signing up to get the oil change, he heard a child screaming:

“As buddy was filling us in to get our oil change we heard a little kid screaming so we turned to the corner down there and we seen him getting snatched out the car and the man was taking him behind the building. We thought he was using the bathroom but it took him way too long to come back from behind the building”, says Willis.

The child kept screaming and the screaming was getting louder, so Willis says he decided to intervene.

Willis told reporters as he walked behind the building he noticed the child was screaming from a wooded area.

When he got to the area, he noticed an adult sitting on top of the child with his hands wrapped around the child’s neck:

“By the time I came around the corner he was on top of him choking him and at that point, I just put my gun up and held him at gunpoint and grabbed the kid”, says Willis

Once Willis and other witnesses got the child out of the woods, the child told them that “the man was going to beat him and leave him for the animals.”

Authorities first reported the situation as a kidnapping in process, however, they later determined that the child was related to the adult.

Police say the man was charged with aggravated assault and cruelty toward a child.

The child has been taken to the Houston County sheriff’s office juvenile department for further follow-up and care.