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Man found to be driving under the influence with children in car

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A 37-year-old man has been taken into custody after authorities found him driving under the influence with his children in the car.
Modesto Morales Matias was pulled over by state troopers on March 15th during the 5 p.m. rush hours after authorities noticed he was driving recklessly.
In the report, a trooper wrote that while following him on Lantana Road, Matis was “in the center lane failing to maintain its lane and almost colliding with other vehicles while sporadically slamming on its brakes.”
As the trooper continued to follow Matias, he then got on I-95 and headed north.
The trooper reported that Matis continued to drive recklessly and could not stay in his lane.
Matias was eventually pulled over near the 6th AVE exit ramp.
During the stop, the noted that despite Matias having a red bandana over his mouth, he “immediately detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from Mr. Matias’ breath and observed Mr. Mathias had bloodshot red watery eyes.”
Officials also reported that Mathias had trouble following commands and once he was out of the vehicle, had trouble standing and keeping his head straight.
Authorities also reported that there were three children in the back of the vehicle. Their ages reportedly ranged from 6 months to 7-years-old.
Matis was taken into custody, however, he refused to undergo a sobriety breath test.
He has since charged with child neglect without great bodily harm, driving with his children not properly fastened, DUI, driving without a license, and reckless driving-first offense.