Man Finds Purse with $10,000 Inside

(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

Police in Manhattan are embracing the holiday spirit after a good Samaritan turned in a purse full of money.

According to the report, Richard Taverna was at the Subway station near West 66th Street and Broadway, when he noticed a Chanel purse leaning on a platform wall.

Taverna picked up the purse which he says had a note written in Russian and took it home with him until he could find time to turn it over to police.

At home, Taverna took a closer look at the purse and realized it was filled with 100 $100 dollar bills. Taverna then took a picture of the money laid out across a table, before turning it over to police.

Authorities said the purse contained $10,000 which was reported missing by a woman before her return to Russia.

Police have contacted the woman, and the money will stay in their possession until the woman returns to the states in January.



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