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Man finds body under girlfriend’s home


A man attempting to fix a pluming issue under his girlfriend’s house says he discovered a dead body.

The discovery was made around noon on March 17th at a home within a mobile home park in western Pennsylvania.

The man says he was in a crawl space under his girlfriend’s home when he found the body.

“He came out and he’s like, ‘Tracey, you’re not going to believe this,'” Tracey Douds told KDKA. “I’m like what. He’s like, ‘I think there is a dead body under there.'”

Authorities say the body was in a state of “extreme decomposition.”

Douds says she has lived in the park for about five years and would sometimes smell something awful but says she thought it was a dead animal.

Officials are now working to determine the identity of the person and their cause of death.