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Man fatally shot by deputy moments after his brother was fatally shot by another man


**Viewer discretion advised** 
The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has released a video showing the officer-involved shooting of a man who was holding a gun following the shooting death of his brother by another man.
Officials were called to the Heritage Hotel around 12:30 p.m. after two men shot at each other during a disagreement.
When authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered 21-year-old Dylan Jimenez being treated for a gunshot wound to his chest by a good Samaritan and another man injured.
Authorities say Jimenez and an unidentified man both shot each other during an argument between Jimenez, the man, and Jimenez’s brother Bryan Matthew Richardson.
Video show witnesses who are off camera telling authorities that Richardson was in possession of a gun and pointed it at them.
Deputies immediately turned their attention to Richardson and ordered him to drop the weapon.
When Richardson did not immediately comply, a deputy opened fire on Richardson.
Jimenez, Richardson, and the unidentified man were all taken to an area hospital where both Jimenez and Richardson died from their injuries.
The unidentified man is said to have survived.
The deputy who discharged his weapon has since been placed on paid administrative leave.
The situation is still being investigated.