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Man fakes disability and gender to attack the Mona Lisa with cake in climate protest

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is still smiling after being attacked by a man dressed as an old woman in a wheelchair. He smeared cake on the bullet-proof glass and then threw roses, according to bystanders.Footage captured at the Louvre in Paris shows a person apparently wearing lipstick and a wig asking people to “think of the planet” after attacking the world’s most famous portrait.

Bystanders said a “man dressed as an old lady” jumped out of a wheelchair at the Louvre in Paris before attempting to smash the protective glass in front of the Leonardo da Vinci painting.

The gallery explained the culprit had managed to get close to the portrait by “simulating a disability,” taking  advantage of a policy that allows patrons with mobility problems to gain unobstructed access to major works in its collection.
The portrait was unharmed and the man was taken into custody and turned over to police.