Man dragged out of school board meeting for not wearing a mask

(AP Photo/Manish Swarup)

A man who refused to wear a mask during a school board meeting was dragged out of the meeting by police.

The incident occurred on Monday at the Mitchell Board of Education meeting in South Dakota.

According to the report, during the meeting Reed Bender, told the panel that he was not going to wear a mask and then went on to explain why he believed forcing people to wear a mask was wrong, against his constitutional rights, and simply just did not work.

When asked to comply with the mask rule or leave, Bender then took a stand and told them that they would have to drag him out of the meeting.

Superintendent Joe Graves told Bender he would call the cops and Bender dared him to do so.

Video from the scene shows Bender not complying with officers as they attempt to force him out of the building, however, two officers were able to subdue him and bring him outside.

Once Bender was taken outside and the scene calmed down, Bender was then released from custody.

The Superintendent told TMZ that Bender has raised several objections to the mask rule since July 13th but this was the first time he’s had to kick someone out of a meeting in his 30- year career.