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Man dies in inner tube accident at Florida park

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(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Police in Pensacola, Florida are currently investigating after a man died while at a park.
The incident occurred Saturday at Community Maritime Park around 7:30 p.m.
Authorities say the victim, 18-year-old Christian Garner was in a retention pond, riding on an inner tube that was being pulled by a truck in the parking lot.
At one point, the inner tube landed in the parking lot with Garner still on it.
When authorities arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene.
Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson pointed out the importance of following park rules:
“It was certainly … unfortunate,” said Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson. “That’s why we ask you at any of our events, any of our parks — we ask you to use them appropriately the way they’re designed, so we don’t have accidents like we had this weekend.”
Signs around the park dictate that the retention pond is to be used for swimming and boating purposes.
“I don’t think in a million years we ever anticipated the pond would be used for something like that,” Robinson said.
Pensacola Police reported on Monday that the driver of the truck was questioned and that the department is consulting with the state attorney’s office to determine if charges should be filed in this incident.