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Man confronts coach with a knife at youth basketball game

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (77)
Cooper City

A Miami-Dade County man has been arrested after he allegedly confronted a basketball coach with a pocket knife during a youth basketball game.

32-year-old Bryant Ezeamama was taken into custody on Sunday during a Cooper City youth basketball game.

According to the report, during the altercation with the coach, Ezeamama put his hand in his pocket and gestured as if he had a weapon.

Witnesses then grabbed their children and began leaving the game.

That’s when Ezeamama walked away from the area as well. As he was leaving, an off-duty officer followed him and noticed Ezeamama take something out of his pocket and throw it into the trash.

Upon further evaluation, it was discovered that the object was a black folding pocket knife with a blade approximately four inches long.

Ezeamama was taken into custody where he is facing several charges, including possession of a weapon on school property and disorderly conduct.