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Man charged after opening fire on group of trick-or-treaters

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(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

An Indiana man has been arrested and charged after he allegedly opened fire on a group of trick-or-treaters killing one, and injuring one other.

The incident occurred around 7:30 p.m. in Hammond.

One of the victims told authorities that they exchanged words with a man about 30 minutes prior to the incident and that the man threatened to grab his gun and shoot them.

As the group continued trick-or-treating, they noticed a group in a vehicle starring at them. That’s when one of the people in the vehicle began exchanging words with one of trick-or-treaters. A man then jump out of the vehicle with a few others. One of them then took a shooting stance and began firing at the group.

A 13-year-old identified Thomas DeLaCruz Jr. of Chicago was fatally shot while another 13-year-old was left injured.

The father of one of the teens then chased down the gunman, before authorities captured him.

The gunman was identified as 23-year-old Desmond Crews.

He has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

Authorities are also reporting that charges may be filed against the others who were in the vehicle.