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Man caught on video threatening to rape and kill woman

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Police in Las Vegas have located and arrested a man who was caught on ring.com video threatening to rape and kill a woman who locked herself inside of her home. The incident was reported on July 21st on the front porch of the victim’s home. The victim Amanda Nowak, told authorities that she was home alone when a man suddenly appeared at her front door and began using intimidation tactics in an attempt to get her to come outside. “I just have a couple of questions for you” and “are you sure?” the man could be heard saying repeatedly on the ring doorbell camera as he continually knocked on the door. Nowak told reporters that she never spoke to the suspect yet, he continued to speak as if she were responding to him. Eventually, Nowak’s husband connected to the ring doorbell camera and began questioning the suspect. The suspect then responds saying: “What I’m looking for is the girl that’s in the house here, because I’m going to rape her and kill her.” He then continues threatening the couple saying that he is armed with a knife and  gun before eventually walking off.

The Las Vegas Police Department confirmed that they arrested a suspect fitting the description of the suspect on the video around 8:43 a.m. the following morning after someone recognized him from the viral video. The suspect has since been booked into the Clark County Detention Center on charges of aggravated stalking, coercion, and obstructing a public officer. The suspect has still not been identified and is currently listed only as “John Doe.”