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Man catches neighbor exposing himself on Ringdoor bell


A Florida man has been taken into custody after he was caught on camera pulling off his pants and exposing himself.
The incident occurred near a residence off Forest Hill Boulevard on Sunday, Aug. 28.
The victim told police that he received a notification from the Ring doorbell camera that he just bought and opened it up.
He then saw his neighbor Marco Lopez Suarez half nude and completing a sex act in front of the camera:
“Walking up the stairs with his pants down and his [body part] out. With his [body part] out, he looked at the camera and then started touching himself. Mr. Lopez Suarez then proceeded to go into his house and a short time after exited his house without any pants on, and started ‘flopping it around.’ Mr. Lopez Suarez then sat down on the steps and continued. At that time, [the victim] stopped watching the video.”
The suspect told officers that he was very drunk and had to use the restroom:
“He was dropped off at his house after partying at his friend’s house all night. Mr. Lopez Suarez did admit to being drunk when he arrived home. Once at his house, he had his pants down because he was about to pee but then decided to go inside his residence. Mr. Lopez Suarez denied all allegations that he was [sex act]ing and said he only had his pants down to pee. Mr. Lopez Suarez did not recall sitting on the steps without his pants on but stated he was very drunk.”
Lopez Suarez was charged with unlawful exposure of sexual organs and an outstanding failure to appear warrant.