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Man Buys $6M Super Bowl Ad to thank Vet for Saving his Dog

After losing three previous pets to cancer, WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil was extremely grateful when his vet helped his golden retriever beat the disease. So grateful, in fact, he decided to thank him in front of as many people as possible: the audience watching this weekend’s Super Bowl.

MacNeil has purchased a 30-second block of commercial time set to air during the game’s second quarter to thank the vets who saved his dog, Scout. The cost of the gesture: $6 million.

While MacNeil acknowledges he’s spending a lot of money to express his gratitude, he notes 7-year-old Scout had been given one month to live. So when animal doctors with the University of Wisconsin’s veterinary program managed to save him, he felt he had to thank them in a big way. In addition to doing that in the ad, MacNeil says he’s also going to use the time to raise money for the university’s program.

Do dogs appreciate what their owners do for them? What type of animal have you been closest to in your lifetime?