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Man breaks into Rocco’s Tacos to steal alcohol for sober house friends

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Police arrested a Delray Beach man after he allegedly broke into Rocco’s Tacos on Atlantic Avenue to steal alcohol for his friends recovering from alcohol addiction.

Police say they found the man covered in blood, after an employee called 911 when the found him in the basement.

Officers say he lied about his name, however they were able to identify him by his Massachusetts ID as Mark Laporta.

Laporta is now charged with Burglary, Grand Theft, and Give False ID To Law Enforcement Officers.

Laporta told officers he was bloody because he cut his hands with his knife while he was at work. Laporta stated he was given the keys to the building from his boss.”

But then… “Laporta charged his story and told me he went into the basement to get alcohol for his friends at the sober house he is living at.”

Surveillance video apparently showed Laporta rummaging through boxes, then using a broom to open the liquor area. He allegedly took one case of Red Bull, two bottles of Patron Repasado, one bottle of Roco Patorl, one Malibu, a house champagne, two bottles of Montolobo, one bottle of Dulce Vida, a Shaquira Repasado, and more Re Bull.

“In total,” wrote police, “Laporta stole $1,729.

LaPorta was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. He was released without bond. A court date is pending.