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Man bites another man’s nose off during argument over golf game

Bay St. Louis Police Department
Bay St. Louis Police Department

(BAY ST. LOUIS, MI) —  A 51-year-old man is now behind bars after he reportedly bit another man’s nose off during an argument over a golf game.
The incident occurred in the parking lot of Hollywood Casino Monday night.
Bay St. Louis Police say they arrived at the scene to find the victim bleeding from his face and missing his nose.
Authorities search the area for the victim’s nose but could not locate it.
The victim told the police that he’d gotten into an argument with another golfer at the Bridges Golf Course earlier in the day but continued hanging out with the man and other golfers.
Later in the day, the suspect and the victim began arguing again but this time a fight broke out.
The suspect then bit the victim in the face, disfiguring him, before taking off in a Telsa.
The suspect now identified as Mark Wells of Biloxi eventually turned himself in to the police.
Wells was charged with felony mayhem and booked into the Hancock County jail. If he is convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison.