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Man attacks security personnel with chainsaw then dangles children from second story window

Cohasset Police Department, Cohasset MA
Cohasset Police Department, Cohasset MA

Cohasset, MA — A man is now in police custody after he damaged a police station lobby with a chainsaw and barricaded himself in a home with two small children.
The incident occurred on Sunday around 2:30 pm.
Cohasset Police Officers say they received a phone call from a civilian desk attendant at police headquarters stating that a man drove his vehicle across the lawn before hitting a tree.
He then got out of the vehicle armed with a gas-powered Chainsaw and was attempting to gain entry into a restricted area where the attendant was.
Authorities say the suspect damaged packages, and a door before fleeing the scene.
The suspect, 34-year-old Brien Buckley, was tracked to his home on 37 Cushing Road where officials set up a perimeter around the home.
Buckley began yelling at officers from inside of the home and dangled 2-small children in front of a 2nd story window.
After the suspect refused to exit the home, officers enlisted the help of the SWAT team and hostage negotiators, and officials from surrounding police stations.
Several hours went by with the suspect’s behavior becoming increasingly more erratic so Cohasset Commanders gave permission for the SWAT team to enter the home.
The suspect was taken into custody after a bit of resistance.
Both children were taken out of the home and united with their mother and grandfather on the scene.
Buckley was taken to the hospital before being transferred back to police custody.
He has been charged with Assault by means of a dangerous weapon with a chainsaw; Damage to property (3-counts); Child endangerment (2-counts); Resisting arrest; Driving to endanger; Unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle; Disorderly conduct; Disturbing the peace; and
Wanton destruction of a tree.