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Man arrested for hit-and-run claims woman attacked him with hammer

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A local man who was arrested for the hit-and-run of a Palm Beach Gardens woman says the woman attacked him with a hammer.
Charles J. Vaughan turned himself in to police on Tuesday, after hitting 32-year-old Marcia Elaine Francis with his vehicle.
Vaughan told police that he was traveling southbound on Alternate A1A on April 5th when Francis came upon his vehicle and began hooking.
Vaughan says he tried to wave Francis around his vehicle but she went around him and stopped short in front of his car. She then followed him into Promenade Plaza.
Vaughn told police Francis pinned his car up against the curb and got out of her vehicle with a hammer.
Francis then reportedly began striking Vaughan’s vehicle with the hammer.
Vaughan says he put his vehicle in drive and attempted to flee the area, but Francis jumped in front of his car.
Vaughan says he then drove towards the woman and ran over her foot.
He then went home to take his heart medication before taking a trip to Home Depot.
Francis was taken to an area hospital with a severed foot, a brain bleed, broken right shoulder, rib fractures, spine fractures and a broken jaw.
Authorities say they pulled Vaughan over near the scene the same day but Vaughan denied having any altercation with Francis.
Vaughan faces a second-degree felony that carries a maximum 15-year prison sentence.