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Man arrested for erratic behavior on American Airlines flight

American Airlines says that they were forced to detain a man who began acting erratically while on one of their flights.

The incident occurred on a flight from Orlando to Philadelphia.

According to the report, when the flight was around 80 miles from Philadelphia, the passenger began demanding to go into the cockpit so that he could speak to the pilot. Crew members were eventually able to de-escalate the situation, however, a flight attendant and another passenger sat with he man until the plane landed.

When the plane landed, the passenger was escorted off of the plane and was taken into custody by police.

Authorities say at no time did the passenger actually attempt to go into the cockpit and they were able to get him to remain in his seat for the whole flight, however, he did exhibit erratic behavior.

The passenger was taken to an area hospital for treatment. Authorities say as of now, he is not facing any charges.