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Man arrested after trapping a woman inside of his apartment


WEST PALM BEACH, FL– The West Palm Beach Police Department is reporting that they arrested a 26-year-old who prevented a woman from leaving his apartment.
The incident occurred on Jan 22 at 410 S Rosemary Ave 2.
Authorities say they received a call from a neighbor reporting that they heard a woman screaming for help and then her cries become muffled and some banging in the bedrooms.
When authorities arrived to the apartment complex, the neighbor pointed at the home he believed the screaming was coming from.
Officials knocked on the door of the apartment and Christian Gomez opened the door.
As soon as the door opened, a woman ran out of the apartment crying and shaking.
Gomez told police that the two had been arguing about “normal relationship stuff” and that she became upset and wanted to leave.
Gomez says he stood in front of the door and was trying to calm her down when the woman started screaming.
The woman told police that they were at dinner earlier in the night and started arguing. They then returned to the apartment and Gomez gave her the silent treatment.
The woman says that eventually she fell asleep but woke up sometime later to Gomez “pleasing himself” right next to her.
She reportedly asked Gomez why he was doing that, and Gomez responded by trying to cuddle with her.
The woman told police that she told Gomez she didn’t want to cuddle but he continued to try.
Gomez reportedly eventually got mad at the woman and pushed her off of the bed.
The woman says she hit the sliding glass door and got up to call the police.
Gomez reportedly stopped her from calling the police twice by taking her phone and then her Apple watch.
The woman then attempted to leave the apartment but Gomez refused to allow her to leave, so she started screaming.
Gomez was arrested and charged with false imprisonment of an adult, tampering with a witness or victim, and battery.