Man arrested after threatening to bomb FAU

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UPDATE: Robert Sagall was arrested 5/13/2020. The courts dropped the charges because he had no prior history of any kind and they were made aware that he has other mitigating medical issues, according to his parents.

A Boca Raton man threatened to kill and place a bomb at Florida Atlantic University, police say.

According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office report, a real estate agent contacted police on Monday and said that she received a number of emails from the same email address that said “I bomb FAU,” along with several emails threatening to kill her.

Police started an investigation and found that the email was registered to 22-year-old Robert Sagall.

Sagall was arrested on Tuesday and he confessed to sending the emails. He faces charges of written threats to kill and threat to place a destructive device.

“Sagall also admitted to knowing what he was doing was wrong and that he would probably get in trouble for it,” the police report said.

He is being held without bond at the main Palm Beach County jail.