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Man arrested after shooting Delray Beach mother in the face

Authorities in Delray Beach have arrested a suspect who attempted to kill a mother by shooting her in the face.

The incident was reported on December 8th outside of a home in the 100 block of NW 7th Ave.

When authorities arrived, they found the victim Montana Bradley, holding her lower jaw to her face and the bullet still in her mouth.

She was rushed to the hospital for treatment to her injuries.

Though Bradley was unable to speak, she was able to identify her attacker by writing out what happened on a paper and giving it to authorities.

Bradley told investigators that she and the suspect Corey O’Bryant, got into an argument after O’Bryant claimed he could beat up her brother. O’Bryant then held a gun to her temple but Bradley pushed him away before the shot was fired.

Authorities eventually located O’Bryant in Macon, Georgia and arrested him.

He is now facing a charge of attempted murder.