Man arrested after setting woman’s house on fire after argument

Port St. Lucie Police Department

The Port St. Lucie Police Department has arrested a 30-year-old man who reportedly set a woman’s house on fire after they got into a dispute at another location.

The incident occurred Saturday at a home on the 400 Block of SW Crawfish Drive in PSL.

Authorities say Richard Caldwell and the woman were at a bar when they got into a dispute, the woman then left the bar with friends to return home but when she arrived, she found Caldwell inside of her home.

That’s when the woman asked Caldwell to leave. Caldwell reportedly told the woman “you’re going to regret this,” while holding a a bottle with lighter fluid.

The woman then decided to leave the home. When she returned, she found her home engulfed in flames.

Caldwell later returned to the scene while authorities were present and a K-9 detected fire accelerant on his shoes and in his vehicle.

He was arrested and is now facing arson and burglary charges.