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Man arrested after raping a woman and trying to kill her


ORLANDO, FL– The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a  man who raped a woman and then tried to kill her.
The incident occurred on Dec. 10 near Pine Hills Road.
Authorities say they responded to a call around 4:00 a.m. to find the victim being helped by bystanders.
The woman told authorities that she met 54-year-old Bruce Wayne Whitehead at a business and willingly went with him, however, after a few stops, he threatened her with a gun.
Whitehead then took the woman to a location on Pine Hills Road where he raped her and tried to kill her.
The woman was able to fight Whitehead off and ran to another subdivision where she was rescued.

Authorities have since located Whitehead after a witness sent in a tip to the police hotline.

Whitehead is now facing several charges including armed kidnapping, armed sexual battery and attempted murder.