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Man arrested after pouring bleach in co-worker’s soda

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(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

(ORLANDO, FL)– A Central Florida man has been arrested after he poured bleach into his co-worker’s drink because he felt that the co-worker was “difficult to work with.”
The incident occurred at a Dollar General store in DeLand.
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputies say the victim was at lunch and left his soda unattended to use the restroom.
When the victim got back, the suspect 48-year-old Jerome Ellis suggested that the victim take a sip of the drink. When the victim eventually did, he noticed that his drink smelled and tasted like bleach.
The victim then contacted authorities who found surveillance video of Ellis pouring bleach and spitting in the victim’s drink.
When authorities spoke to Ellis, he told them that he did it to get back at the co-worker.
Ellis has since been arrested and is facing poisoning and tampering with evidence charges.