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Man arrested after leaving disabled wife in truck for days

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A Franklin County man has been arrested after he allegedly left his disabled wife inside of his truck for five days after she requested that he take her to the hospital.

The incident began on July 12th according to the wife.

The unidentified woman told police that she asked her husband and caregiver Michael Redmon to take her to the hospital but instead he placed her in the truck and left her there.

The woman told authorities that over the five days she asked her husband to help her out of the truck but he refused.

It wasn’t until July 17th that Redman finally decided to take his wife to the hospital.

Medical staff reported that the woman was covered in feces and urine and that she’d been in the truck for so long that her skin was stuck to the seat.

She “has numerous sores and places where her skin is deteriorating,” a police citation stated.

There was also a report that there was human waste leaking out of the vehicle when they arrived to the hospital.

Redmon has since been charged with first-degree criminal abuse and remains at the Franklin County Regional Jail.