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Man arrested after he allegedly lived under teen’s bed and repeatedly raped her

AP Photo_John Raoux (89)
Ohio police

A 20-year-old from Ohio has been taken in to police custody after a teen told her mother that he man repeatedly raped her while living under her bed for at least three weeks.

Authorities were called to the residence after the mother found the suspect hiding under the teen’s bed and immediately contacted them.

The teen told authorities that she and the suspect Jaret Wright, met each other on Instagram and that she was aware that he was living under her bed.

The teen also said that she did not want to have sex, however, Wright forced her in to it.

Due to the pending investigation, authorities did not state how Wright got into the home nor whether he lived under the girl’s bed for the entirety of the three weeks or if he came and went.

Wright is now facing several charges including three counts of sexual assault and a single count of producing child pornography.