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Man arrested after exposing himself on plane

Southwest Airlines Traffic
.(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, file)

A man was arrested after he allegedly exposed himself several times to fellow passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight.

The incident occurred on flight 3814 from Seattle to Phoenix on Saturday.

“The situation was reported to Crewmembers while inflight, and the Captain contacted law enforcement to meet the aircraft upon arrival,” a statement from the airline said. “We immediately placed the passenger on our No-Fly List, resulting in a lifetime ban from traveling on Southwest.”

Authorities say the suspect, Antonio Sherrodd McGarity, initially began touching himself as the flight took off before eventually falling asleep. The woman seated next time him took that opportunity to contact officials on the flight and show them evidence she collected on her phone of the situation. They then moved her seat.

Once the plane landed, the FBI confronted McGarity about the allegations, which he immediately admitted to.

McGarity alleged that he asked the woman for permission to touch himself before the flight took off. She allegedly threw her hands in the air and said, “it really doesn’t matter.”

He also told investigators that he knew that she was taking photos and took that as a sign that she was “into it.”

Investigators also reported that McGarity said he found the situation kind of “Kinky.”

He has since been banned from all Southwest Airlines flights and is facing charges related to lewd, indecent, or obscene acts.