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Man arrested after children in diapers found running through Walmart parking lot

Volusia County Sheriffs Office
Volusia County Sheriffs Office

A 35-year-old man has been arrested after two young children in his care were found running through a Walmart parking lot wearing only diapers.
The incident occurred on Wednesday.
Witnesses who noticed the children get out of a vehicle and begin running in the rain, contacted the Volusia Sheriff’s Office.
They then led authorities to a vehicle where Dejoune Killingbeck was sleeping with the engine running.
Authorities were eventually able to wake Killingbeck up and ask about where his kids were.
Bodycam video shows Killingbeck unaware of what’s going on or that he was with the children.
As authorities continued talking to Killingbeck, he tells authorities that the mother of the children went into the store while he waited in the car and that he believes they are with her.
Witnesses say they noticed at least one of children almost get hit by a vehicle so they sprang into action. The witnesses took the children inside the store and bought them clothing, while waiting for the police.
The mother told authorities that Killingbeck was supposed to be watching the children as she shopped in the store.
The children ages 2 and 3, have been reunited with their mother.
Killingbeck is being held at the Volusia County Jail on a $16,000 bond.
The Department of Children and family’s is investigating the incident.