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Man armed with gun and extra ammo stopped at Disney Springs

Virus Outbreak Florida Disney springs
(AP Photo/John Raoux)

Police in Orlando are reporting that security guards at Disney Springs prevented a man armed with a gun and extra ammo from entering the Disney amusement area.
The incident occurred on May 27 near one of the parking garages.
Officials say 35-year-old Aaron Josue Lopez of Royal Palm Beach walked through the security scanner which went off, alerting security to a potential problem.
Lopez then told guards that he had a small folding knife in the bag:
“I told him I was going to search his bag and he told me he had a folding knife in his bag. I told him to show me the knife then I said I would still have to search his bag,” guards said.
After Lopez was told that guards would still search the bag, he then told them that he forgot he had something else in the bag and he needed to go back to his car.
Lopez then walked away from the security post but was stopped by guards and brought to Orange County Deputies.
Deputies searched the bag and found a black and bronze 9mm Glock handgun, two Glock 19 magazines, and one box with 14 rounds of ammo.
Authorities also ran a background check on Lopez and found that he did not have a license to carry a concealed firearm.
He was booked into the Orange County jail and charged with carrying a concealed firearm.