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Man accused of stabbing 76-year-old woman who hit him with broom

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office say 31-year-old Huchnartheu Durandisse stabbed a 76-year-old woman who evicted him from her home after she hit him with a broom.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Durandisse told detectives he stabbed the victim twice on her side because she had hit him twice with a broom during a landlord-tenant dispute. Durandisse told police he was ordered to pay $500 to rent a room from the lady, but after she got intoxicated, she told him he did not pay and kicked him out.

Durandisse told her he was going to call the police, and that’s when she hit him with the broom. The lady also threatened to kill Durandisse if he called the cops.

Durandisse then went to Publix where he bought a knife, and plotted to stab the woman. When he saw her leaving the grocery store he removed the plastic covering from the knife and stabbed the victim.

He was being held at the main Palm Beach County jail on a $15,000 bond.