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Man accused of raping woman he lured with job offer

A man who has also been identified as a registered sex offender has been arrested after officials say he kidnapped and raped a woman he lured to a restaurant with a job offer.

Police say the victim who was working at a convenience store when she complained to a coworker that she needed to get another job with more pay. That’s when 43-year-old Jason Minton approached her and said that his tree service company was looking for a secretary and that they pay $35 an hour.

The victim then met Minton at the River Grille in Ormond Beach on February 18th for an interview.

During the interview, Minton ordered wine for both himself and the victim and then offered the victim shots.

At some point during the interview, the victim says she blacked out and woke up hours later in pain at her mother’s house.

The victim became concerned with the incident and she and her family contacted the police.

During the investigation, authorities found surveillance video from the restaurant showing Minton dragging the unconscious victim to his truck. He then drove off with her in the passenger seat and returned with her more than an hour later. Minton then put the unconscious woman in her vehicle and left.

The victim’s mother and father say they began to worry after their daughter stopped returning their text messages. They then went to the restaurant to find her unconscious in her vehicle and took her home.

Minton has since turned himself in to police on Friday and is expected to be charged with sexual battery and kidnapping.