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Man accused of killing girlfriend’s daughter had an “intimate relationship with her”

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (55)

According to arrest reports, the 45-year-old suspect who is accused of killing his girlfriend’s daughter confessed to having an intimate relationship with her.

Eric Westergard of Jupiter, Florida was arrested earlier this week for the death of 23-year-old Perrin Damron.

Authorities say Damron was reported missing on Saturday after she failed to pick up her son.

After checking phone records and her location, authorities found that the night before she disappeared she was at Westergard’s home.

Officials with the Martin County Sherriff’s office then went to make contact with Westergard on Sunday, and noticed him leaving his home in his silver Chevrolet SUV. Detectives then followed him to a gas station where he purchased a gallon of water.

Westergard then drove to the Duffy’s Bar & Grille on Indiantown Road in Jupiter, where he parked his SUV along a waterway and heavily wooded area.

Authorities then noticed Westergard wiping down the interior of the cargo area with white paper towels, and baby wipes and approached him.

Detectives reported that they noticed the towels were covered in a dark red substance that appeared to be blood and inquired about what happened. Westergard told them that he had “an incident,” and refused to explain any further.

That’s when they called the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office for further assistance.

During a police interview authorities inquired about Damron. Westergard told investigators that despite dating her mother,  he and Damron were in a intimate relationship and that they were both together on Friday. He told them that they went to a doctor after she injured her eye in an accident with her son and then went to his home where they smoked marijuana with his cousin. Westergard then said he drove Damron back to her apartment and Stuart and that’s the last time he saw her.

Authorities then received a warrant to investigate the paper towels Westergard used to wipe down his truck and that’ when he reportedly broke down.

Westergard confessed that he was with Damron the whole day and that at some point, she slipped and cut her head on a hand truck. He went inside to get paper towels and a blanket but when he returned, he found her “unconscious and gurgling.” Then she stopped moving.  Westergard then said that he grabbed two 65-gallon bags, tape, rope and wrapped Damron’s body in it. He then loaded her body into the back of his truck and drove to the area of Beeline Highway and Kanner Highway near Indiantown, where he tied a cinderblock around her feet and tossed her body into the water.

Deputies reported that evidence collected at Westergard’s home is inconsistent with the story he gave about Damron hitting her head on a hand truck. They also pointed out that at no point did he attempt to render emergency aide or contact authorities for help.

Westergard was arrested and is being held without bond in the Palm Beach County Jail.