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Man accidently swallows earbuds while sleeping

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(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

A Boston area man is warning others who like to sleep with their earbuds in the ears not to do so after he accidently swallowed one of his and had to get it medically removed.

Brad Gauthier said he went to sleep with his earbuds in his ear on Monday and on Tuesday he says he noticed he was having trouble swallowing, but believed it might have been due to the weather.

He then went outside and shoveled snow for about and hour before going back into this home to get a glass of water.

Gauthier said he took a couple sips of the water but realized that the water would not go down his throat. He eventually was forced to bend over a sink and drain the water out of his throat.

When Gauthier told his son about his ordeal, his son suggested that he may have swallowed one of his earbuds.

Gauthier later realized that he was in fact missing one of his earbuds and went to an emergency room.

An X-ray revealed that Gauthier’s son was right!

Doctors performed an emergency endoscopy to remove the earbud from his esophagus.

While Gauthier said he only experienced minor discomfort, he does not recommend sleeping with earbuds.

“You never know where they’ll end up,” Gauthier wrote.