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Major loss with the death of legendary coach Howard Schnellenberger at 87

Macro of an american football ball

Today we mourn the loss of Howard Schnellenberger a legendary coach that led Miami to it’s first championship and curated a winning team that accomplished many great accolades and wins. He was 87.

Schnellenberger will always be know as the greatest coach in Miami history, after helping Miami win three national titles over six seasons. We must continue to celebrate the life of this fearless man, who was a leader for the players and the University of Miami family.

With his deep baritone voice and signature bushy mustache, you can here him coming a mile away. He was always laser focused on untapped potential and developing a football program that wins games and the hearts of the fans.

Schellenberger also revitalized his hometown Louisville Cardinals and built Florida Atlantic football programs.

He will be greatly missed, we send big love to his friends and family.