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Lunchables coming to school cafeterias

Beginning next year, students in grades K- 12 will see another lunch option in their school cafeteria.
Kraft-Heinz will partner with schools to send select Lunchables to school cafeterias everywhere.
Starting this fall, many students will have the choice of the “Lunchables Turkey and Cheddar Cracker Stackers” and the “Lunchables Extra Cheesy Pizza.”
The makers of the Lunchables say the lunches will have “improved nutrition,” to keep up with the National School Lunch Program requirements which will make them different from the ones purchased in stores.

“At Kraft Heinz, we are transforming from the inside out, with innovation as one of our key drivers of growth. Lunchables K-8 is the latest example of growing and expanding the core of our Kraft Heinz portfolio,” the company representative told “GMA.” “This new NSLP-approved Lunchables checks both boxes — we renovated the nutrition profile by adding more whole grains and protein and are leveraging new channels to better meet unmet needs.”

The new options come after he the United States Department of Agriculture proposed new guidelines on schools to reduce the sugar and sodium levels in lunches served to students by 2029.

Students will be able to purchase the Lunchables or receive them through their “free and reduced lunch program.”