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Local woman reportedly murdered her brother and buried him in the backyard

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (44)

Officials in Broward County say they have arrested a woman who they believe may have killed her brother and then buried his body in the backyard of a home.

62-year-old Darlene Ann Shoff-Brock was taken into custody .. for the murder of her brother Donald Marks Shoff.

Authorities say that in they received a tip about Shoff’s remains being buried in the backyard of a home in Dania Beach.

Deputies followed the tip and discovered the remains of Shoff where the tipster said they would be.

After the discovery, authorities questioned Shoff-Brock about her brother and was told that had been out of the country for the last couple of years.

Deputies wanted to do a follow up interview with Shoff-Brock, however, that interview was canceled by her attorney.

Investigators determined that Shoff had been dead since 2014 and that he had been shot in the back of the head. They also reported that Shoff was shot at a home in Hollywood but his body was relocated to the secondary location.

Authorities say they are unsure what led to Shoff’s murder, however, those who knew the siblings say they often argued about money and that Shoff constantly accused his sister of stealing money from him.

Shoff-Brock has since been arrested at her home in Tamarac and faces a single count of first-degree murder. She is currently being held without bond.