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Local waitress steals customer’s wallet

St. Lucie Sheriff's department
St. Lucie Sheriff’s department

A woman who doubles as a waitress and a cashier at a local restaurant has been arrested after she allegedly stole a customer’s wallet and used their credit card.
40-year-old Jennifer Mohamed of the unnamed restaurant was taken into custody on August 24th.
The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office says the victim noticed his wallet was missing after he dined at the restaurant. He then immediately canceled his credit cards but noticed that there were already two unauthorized purchases made on the card.
He then contacted the police.
Authorities say Mohamed used the credit card at a retail store and a gas station. Officials showed surveillance video from one of the places to the victim and the victim was able to identify Mohamed as his waitress.
Mohamed confessed to stealing the customer’s wallet and using his credit card when she was confronted by the police.
She is now facing larceny and fraud charges.
Mohamed has since been released from jail on a $6,500 bond.