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Local UFC fighter reportedly stabs sisters

AP Photo_John Raoux (52)
Boynton Beach Police

A 31-year-old professional UFC fighter has been arrested after he allegedly stabbed both of his sisters because he was told to do so by a “higher power.”

Irwin Rivera was arrested  on Thursday after Boynton Beach Police say they received a call from a neighbor stating that one of women who lived in a neighboring house, came to their home covered in blood and asking for help.

The victim went on to state that her brother was trying to kill her and her sister, and that her sister was still inside of the home.

That’s when Rivera allegedly came outside of the home and told the neighbor to “shut the door” and that “everything was ok.”

Rivera then ran off.

When authorities located Rivera he told them that he ” killed his sisters.” When asked why he did it, he reportedly told them that ” it was his purpose and that he was “told to by a higher power.”

Both victims were taken to the Delray Medical Center where they are recovering.

Rivera was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail where he is being held without bond.